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The croft at Lamminkangas was established in 1900, when Aakku (later of Lamminkangas) requested a crofter’s plot and was given one on the property of Havumäki, in his home village, Kalmari. Kalmari is situated on the border of four old parishes – Saarijärvi, Kannonkoski, Karstula and Pylkönmäki.

There is a Finnish poem, 'Letter to Aakku', which tells the story of Lamminkangas during and after Aakku’s time. The poem was written by Heikki Mikkonen, but unfortunately it has not been translated into English.

There are several indicators in the terrain of Lamminkangas which show that before Aakku's time, slash-and-burn agriculture was practiced. An old flat-bottomed rowing boat made of a single tree has been found in the mud of Havulampi, the lake on whose border Lamminkangas lies.

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